Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quest : Perjalananan mencari new laptop ( perbandingan antara i3 dan i5 )

Cukupkah i3 untuk desain grafis? Haruskah menggunakan i5? atau i7 sekalian?
Karena dana yang ada hanya cukup untuk i3 atau i5
Jadi cuma i3 vs i5 yang diulas.

The easy answer is "Core i5 is made for mainstream users who care about performance, and Core i3 is made for people who just need an Intel computer,"

Core i5 will be better for media creation, multi-tasking, and if you used to regularly complain about your PC being slow. Core i3 will be sufficient for people who want a PC that's faster than an Atom-powered tablet or netbook, but don't want to spend any more than they have to

 Core i5 processors have larger cache (on-board memory) to help the processor deal with repetitive tasks faster. If you're editing and calculating spreadsheets, your CPU shouldn't have to reload the framework the numbers sit in. This info will sit in the cache so when you change a number the calculations are almost instantaneous. Larger cache sizes help multi-tasking as well, since background tasks will be ready for when you switch focus to another window. On currently available desktop processors, i5 CPUs have up to 6MB of L3 cache, while i3 processors have 3MB.

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